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Find a nail policy designed for qualified technicians that are self employed, work from home, mobile or rent a chair in a beauty salon.

Why do nail technicians need insurance 

It is true that if you do not employ staff you will not legally  be required to have business insurance, but this type of insurance can help insure that your business can continue should your business incur a substantial cost that could have been covered had you take out nail tech business insurance. The exact cover you need depends upon the type of risks that your business will encounter. In this article we have covered the key areas that freelance nail technicians including freelancers will find of benefit.

The need to protect yourself as a professional nail technician or manicurist is necessary in today’s economy. With the right level of insurance, you will be financially protected against events out of your control whether you work in a salon or cater to your clients needs in their homes or offices.

Cover is available for all nail treatments including, but not limited to  nail art, manicures and extensions plus all of gel varnishes. 

Start Comparing the costs of pro nail tech insurance

If you are a self employed nail technician, manicurist or pedicurist we can provide you with comparative quotes from a panel of UK brokers that provide cover specific to your individual small business requirements. Obtain a quick no-obligation quotation for either a mobile service or nail bar. Simple Select the Quick Quote and complete a 2 minute form, within minutes you will start to receive quotes from multiple UK brokers. 

Mobile nail technician insurance

Policies can be tailored for nail technicians that do not necessarily work from a salon, but provide a call out or so called mobile service to their clientele.  Nail tech insurance policies  are flexible and will include cover the key areas that include public liability, business equipment and equipment cover, but will not include cover that is not required for example building insurance if your provide a mobile or call out service. However, if you do operate from a salon we can also provide salon insurance.

Personal Liability Insurance for nail technicians

This type of insurance policy financially protects the manicurist from accidents that might occur while with a client.

  • The accidental spilling of nail polish or nail polish remover on a garment, accessories like a purse and or carpeting.
  • An accident cause by mother nature like the client being cut when an earthquake hits and the manicurist is cutting a nail.
  • The client slips or falls while in the presence of the manicurist.
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    The client injured when a door is slammed and the manicurist is startled

Include professional liability Insurance as part of your nail technician insurance

This is the type of protection is used when the client disagrees with the job performance, the actions of the manicurist or unfavorable results of products used. The insurance will cover the clients lost wages if they cannot work because of the injury or distress caused by the incident along with the legal fees.

  • The client has a bad reaction to the cuticle remover, nail polish remover or the nail polish itself.
  • If an appointment is missed or the manicurist is late and the client loses money due to their missed appointment and sues.
  • If the cuticle is cut causing pain to the client.
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    When any part of the client is cut or an abrasion on the skin is made on the client due to neglect or an accident by the manicurist.
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    If the correction or removal of an ingrown nail causes an infection and the client is in pain and or loses money because of missed work.
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    If an infection is caused by the manicurist using unsanitary instruments in the reshaping of the nail or cuticles.
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    The accusation of theft from the client against the manicurist.
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    If the tools used by the manicurist are rented and damage to them occurs.
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    The client is just unhappy, unsatisfied with the performance or final results of the treatment.

Tailor your nail technician insurance to cover your individual needs. 

Whilst the cover required fro nail technicians will be similar the base requirements can and does vary from one nail technician to another. Your business equipment which would include tools of the trade and stock level can represent a major investment and one that you require cover that will provide replacement ( new for old ) should these be stolen or lost for any reason. If you are just starting out maybe your investment is of a value that you are happy to cover the risk of loss by yourself.  As your business grows and you take staff part of temporary you will then need to add in employers' liability insurance, which is a legal requirement in the UK.