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Beauty Salon insurance UK - Compare Costs

Do I need salon insurance?  Legally you will be required to have a minimum of employee's liability of at least 5 million, although most policies offer 10 million, that is if you employ staff. For more information on your legal obligation, please review the insurance for small business guide provided by the UK government. 

Obviously it would be only good business practice to take out additional cover that will protect your beauty business. The 4 main areas that should be considered include: 

  • Protection against financial loss
  • Property protection
  • Protection against claims and legal actions
  • Employee protection 

How much does beauty salon Insurance cost?

The cost will depend on a number of factors, a few of the key ones we have listed below, but the list is by no means exhaustive.  As in any type of insurance you can take actions to lower the cost of your premiums.  Most of these action centers around taking steps to lower your risk of making a claim against your broker. 

  • Your annual turn over
  • Number of years trading and history of claims. If you are just starting out you have no control over this factor and will likely face a higher premium than some one trading over a few years with a good history of no claims 
  • How big is your operation including the number of staff that you employ both full and part time
  • The level of  cover required and additional extras that you wish to include.

Do you provide salon insurance quotes only?

We can provide quotes for any business that falls within the beauty or well being sector. Below we have listed the most popular insurance requests that we receive, but we can cover all business in the wellbeing sector. 

How to lower the cost of beauty salon insurance

The cost of salon cover is based on a number of factors, some that you have control over and  some that you have no control over. Take your post code, if you salon is in a location that has a high level of crime then your premium will be higher than an urban or small town postal code.

  • Security : Making your premises secure will help lower the cost of salon insurance. If you have fitted good quality secure shopfront roller shutters, added additional lighting, installed CCTV or taken any other extra security measures let your broker know as this should help bring down your annual premium. 
  • Annual: If you can afford to pay your premium off in one annual lump payment, then most brokers will reward you with a discounted quote. This may not be an option for a new startup and the broker will show flexibility by agreeing to a monthly or a quarterly payment scheme
  • Excess : The excess is the amount that you are personally liable for in any claim that you need to make against your salon insurance policy. Increasing the excess amount is looked upon favorably by most brokers leading to a lower annual premium. This is great if you do not need to make a claim, but be prepared to lose that amount in the event of a claim.   
  • Compare: Research the cost  by getting multiple quotes. This is the first step in finding cheaper quotes, but make sure it gives adequate business cover and the broker has a good reputation in handling claims quickly. This information can easily be found by checking online forums that are dedicated to this sector.  

Salon insurance checklist

  • Take time to read your policy details, pay attention to both what is included and any exclusions that may be applicable.
  • Do you need business equipment protection when you are providing service at a clients house. This type of cover will cover your valuable equipment against theft, loss or damage
  • If you are currently renting premises do check with the landlord if it is your responsibility to take out buildings cover.
  • Remember if you employ staff, full or part time you will be legally required to take out employers liability protection, very few exceptions exist. Employee liability protection will protect you against any claims that an employee may make against you for injury or illness on or off site.
  • Work away cover, if you work outside your salon for example do you at times  visit a clients house to provide a personal beauty service for special occasions. If the answer is yes then speak with your broker on how best include this extra cover into your salon insurance policy.
  • Product liability,  Product liability cover is able to protect your business against any medical and damage claims including legal costs made against your business. Levels of Product Liability Available   £500,000 £1,000,000 £2,000,000 - £5,000,000
  • Public Liability, Given that accidents do happen it is important to ensure you have the correct level of protection in your beauty salon insurance package.  For  example application of  new product has resulted in a client having an adverse reaction, for example a  skin rash. In such circumstances the client can make a claim against you and your business for any distress and medical bills. This is why public liability should be included as part of a  comprehensive salon insurance package.

Compare the costs of Salon Insurance Quickly

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