Beauty Therapist Insurance for the Self Employed

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Do you need mobile beauty therapist insurance ?

Being a mobile beauty therapist service entails providing your service in wide variety of situations, common ones  include applying your skills to  beautify a wedding party or before a picture take or providing a regular treatments to your clientele. In all these cases you need mobile beauty insurance that you can rely and trusts in case you do need to avail of it. 

There are many different facets in this line of business that can be included in beauty therapist services being offered and covered by the insurance policy. Below is just a few examples of what can be include in the insurance policy for a mobile beauty therapist.

he main purpose of investing in insurance is that it protects the beauty therapist’s business and financial future. It’s all too common for clients to sue their beauty therapists for malpractice or negligence. The legal proceedings can lead the beauty therapist along a path of financial ruin. Some of the common reasons cited for claiming compensation from the therapists include burns from hot wax and laser treatments in addition to allergic reactions to some of the massage oils and chemical peels used on the client. We offer cover for all salon types including nail tech insurance and tanning salons.

Do you cover all beauty therapists regardless of how they ply their service

Yes,  policies are constructed with the knowledge that beauticians provide their service in many ways some operate from a hired chair within a salon or hairdressing parlor, others are self employed and operate a mobile or call out service whilst others set up stations at events. Common to all these approaches is the need to have cover for public liability and a good level of treat risk cover. In addition business equipment cover with stock as an option should be considered if the value to replace would be represent a hardship.

What Is Freelance Beauty Insurance?

Freelance beauty insurance is aimed at professionals that are self employed and provide a beautician service, cover typical in this package would include  both public liability insurance and cover for any claims as a result of the treatment provided by you. 

The main types of insurance policies that protect a mobile professional beauty therapist include the categories of personal liability and professional liability coverage. These combined to financially protect the professional when they visit a client at their home or office.

The insurance policies covering a mobile beauty therapist is very important since this is the professional that applies the small details to enhance the appearance of their clients who in most instances are very picky.

  • Disagreement in the final results of a makeup application or other procedure where the session is stopped by either the client or the therapists.
  • The client accuses the therapist of theft of an item from their home or office.
  • If an infection occurs due to a treatment preformed by the therapist on the skin of the client.of a skin rash due to the application of a lotion in a facial or body treatment session.
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    Any intentional action by the professional that causes harm or discomfort of the client.
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    Development of a skin rash due to the application of a lotion in a facial or body treatment session.
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    reaction to the adhesive used in the application of nail extensions.
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    Irritation of the eye because of the adhesive used to apply eyelashes extensions.
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    The color of the spray tan is undesirable due to an adverse reaction of the spray with the skin.

Build a mobile beauty insurance package that suits your individual requirements

Each business will normally have slightly differing cover needs. For example if you have invested heavily in beauty equipment and tools in which you rely on when you provide  a mobile service, taking out business insurance that includes equipment and stock would be wise. Should you need to employ staff even on a temporary basis you must by law take out employers liability insurance,  a very few exceptions to this rule do exist. 

  • The accidental spilling of the pigment on a garment of the client.
  • A fall or injury occurs by accident if contact between the artist and client happens causing injury, harm or distress to the client.
  • If any action occurs during the application of the pigment that is incorrect during a natural event as with an earthquake or other event of Mother Nature.
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    If any damage that occurs to property of the client accidentally by the artist occurs during the application of the pigment.