Makeup Artist Insurance with Public Liability

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Do you need insurance to be a makeup artists?

Having makeup artist insurance will ensure that you are covered as you practice your profession either as a mobile operator or shop based or indeed both. Having undergone the appropriate level of training to enable you to practice independently it is only sensible to protect your initial investment by making sure that your business is not left liable to claims from third parties that could put the future of your business at risk.

We can provide you with quotes for for all salon based and mobile businesses in the beauty sector enabling you to compare multiple quotes makeup artist insurance or for example nail technician insurance. How?. By selecting Get Quotes and completing one simply online inquiry form.

The need for coverage is for both the mobile and the stationary artists who work out of an establishment or brick and mortar building. Because this is an art form, most applicators of face paint work alone and the need to cover employees is not necessary because none generally exist.

Type of insurance available for makeup artists

As a trained professional, you are keen to the fact that most things that go wrong you are able to fix with some remover and a cotton swab. The key word in this sentence is most. Accidents (call them freak if you like) can and will happen. Perhaps one of your clients has a severe allergic reaction, or while you are in a client’s home, you break one of their possessions such as a Tiffany vase. (ouch)

It is imperative, that as a professional makeup artist, not only do you need to have the proper training, but in addition makeup artist insurance suited to your individual business requirements. Even if you should decide not to protect you and your clients, it may be wise to consider optional cover that will insure your kit that you no doubt have spent big money to build.

Types of Insurance

  • General Liability This type of protection provides cover for things that could occur from the services that you provide. It often times will include Premise Liability, which can protect you against costs that are directly related to a client’s injuries should they be hurt while on your site.
  • Professional Liability If one of your clients makes a claim that your services caused them harm or loss, this type of cover will cover the legal costs involved. An example would be if you somehow got makeup on a bridal gown. While you still might be required to pay for any damages, you’re covered on the legal end.
  • Product Liability This insurance will keep you protected should a client have an allergic reaction to any of the products that you use. It will take care of medical bills and legal costs should something go wrong. This is rare but, it can happen even when using the most sensitive and quality products.

What Services Can a Makeup Artist Perform?

  • Special Effects Makeup 
  • Celebrity Makeup
  • Body Painting
  • Day Makeup
  • Contouring Techniques 
  • Eye/Lip Applications
  • Media or stage makeup
  • Evening Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Foundation Matching
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Stage Makeup

Tools and equipment cover

Like with many artistic skills applying them requires the use of tools and equipment that enable you to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. These tools in the hand of trained professional enable you to perform transformations that will leave your clients in awe of your skills. Alas these tools and equipment to not come cheap and without them you can not apply your magical skills and that is why having tools and equipment included as standard in your makeup artist insurance is essential.

 The likelihood of these been stolen or damaged increases if offer  a mobile service and attend various events and you do not have control over how secure your equipment will be leave if left unattended for a even a short interval,  a trip to the rest room for example.  Distraction or concerned about your cherished tools and beauty is the last thing you need is when working on a client or clients. 

How much can I earn as a makeup artist?

If you are  freelance professional makeup artist how much you earn will to a large extent depend on you. If you work 7 days a week and provide an out call service you can charge premium rates. If you have a contract on TV drama you can easily earn £200 per day.

How To Get Started as a Makeup Professional

Training requires a commitment along with many hours of experimenting on yourself and friends. YouTube tutorials will also provide you with further inspiration and additional ideas. When you feel you have the basic grounding and a style of your own look for the professional courses online or nearby where you live. To make it in the work of the makeup artist you will need at least level 3 industry recognised qualifications.

Compare the costs of makeup artist insurance

Before you start your business find a good insurance policy that will cover your exact requirements. You may be working from a studio or providing a mobile or all out service. Each will require slightly different types of cover. We can provide you with multiple quotes  from brokers that specialise in makeup artist insurance.