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Hypnotherapy insurance

For those in the field practising Hypnosis the need for insurance is highly recommended. This medical practice is still unregulated in the UK and many patients are not fully versed in what to expect. By having cover protecting your practice, you will be able to focus on your practice and patients you see with full confidence any misunderstanding will be settled.

What is included in hypnotherapy insurance?

There are several areas of protection the practising hypnotist can have to cover them and their business.

  • Public Liability is financial protection for you and your practice when a third party claims that either you or your therapy hurt or damaged them or their property. This cover pays for any court settlement made along with the legal fees to represent you. This component of the insurance has an upper limit of £10M of protection.
  • Professional Indemnity cover has several levels that vary. The most common include £1M, £2M and £5M.
  • Negligence protection is in place to cover the costs of your defence and any awards made by a court if you are found to have carelessly injured a patient or caused them distress. Claims of up to £80,000 are covered.
  • Dishonestly protection covers your business if an employee’s malicious act causes your business to have a financial loss. This protection is up to £50,000.

How long is my practice protected from claims?

To help protect the practising and retired Hypnotist the insurance cover is good for after the practice is closed. This makes it possible for any claim made in the future for up to 6 years or 72 months from the time of the claim supposedly occurring to be covered and defended.

Are my patients records confidential?

Just like medical doctors, the records each practitioner has on their patients is classified as confidential. If you are presented with court papers or a ruling by a tribunal where your records are being summonsed you can receive up to £5,000 for their release.

There are many aspects involved in protecting your practice that hypnotherapy insurance addresses. For more information, we offer a page on Holistic insurance

Compare Hypnotherapy insurance

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Compare Hypnotherapy insurance

Protect your business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.