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Tips to being a top class makeup artist

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Getting paid to think all day about beauty trends, to experiment with different looks and work with new customers is what make being a makeup artist a delightful job. But like any other great service, it also requires a lot of skills, hard work, planning and a creative business mind. If you have a good eye for ever-changing beauty trends and desire to use your talents and creativity to make other people look gorgeous, becoming a full-time make up artist can be the right career for you. Let's find out what it takes to build a career in makeup industry. Before you get your business up and running take some time to look at the various make up artist insurance options that we have on offer. Below we have listed some of the attributes and skills needed to be a success in the nail tech care and makeup artists business. 

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A passion for learning

Practice makes a man perfect, and the art of makeup is no exception. Practice makeup on yourself and your friends to develop your technique and perfect your art. Remember that even if you are a superstar at doing your own makeup, practicing make-up on other people takes a different set of coordination and motor skills. Practice your makeup skills on people with different age groups, different skin color, different face shapes and eye colors. Find people with dark, medium, olive and fair skin. This will help you not only develop a lot of skills but also allows you to work with a wide range of customers

Become familiar with different looks

Read magazines, look at fashion blogs, watch movies, and pay attention to the different styles and trends of face makeup. Customers often request to create a certain look that a celebrity had in an act, commercial or in a magazine. It is important to deliver a look that your clients describe to you, and keep up with the latest trends in beauty, so you can advise your clients on what looks best on him or her. You have to learn the terminology in the art of makeup so that you can precisely bring your customer's descriptions to life.

Take time to discover what kind of looks grab your attention and who are your makeup artist role models. Many makeup counters are hiring people who have not gone to beauty school but if you have the money and time; spend them in learning techniques from beauty experts who have been in this business for years.

Educate yourself

Decide which area (s) of art makeup you want to work on to determine which classes are most beneficial to you. The learning programs varies between different schools but typically includes core competencies such as wedding makeup and advanced features such as special effects. Remember that even if these courses help, they cannot replace the benefits of natural talent, experience, and practice. Consider becoming a licensed beautician as this will give you an edge over your co-practitioners.

Marketing is the key

Social networks had a great impact on the art of makeup. If you want to be more successful as a beautician, you need a strong presence in real world as well as on the web. Choose three to five social media platforms that you can use to promote yourself and your business. People are using some of the most popular social media platforms these days such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. Being active and engaged on 1 or 2 platforms is far better than choosing too many platforms as it will be difficult for you to give the attention your social plans deserve.

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