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Use this information to determine how to choose the best mobile beauty therapist insurance. It takes hard work and years of learning as well as plenty of topnotch training to set up your business. However, a single mistake is enough to destroy everything you have worked hard to build up from scratch. This is one simple reason that demonstrates the importance of taking out the proper level of mobile beauty therapist Insurance. You need the insurance to protect you against things you cannot predict will happen tomorrow especially when you are dealing with the public on a daily basis. There are many things that are beyond your control no matter how much care and thought that you put into running a business.

Every business is different it may operate from fixed premises and need cover for buildings and contents or you may act as a self employed beauty consultant requiring cover for your mobile services. Below we have complied some of the most common elements that can be included are as follows:.

Typical Policy Features & Benefits : Tailor to your Individual Requirements

Property, Contents and Stock 

  • If you are the own the premises that you operate from you will normally need to insure the building against damage by events that include fire, theft, flood and subsidence. If you carry an extensive range of stock consider including cover for this plus equipment and tools of your business.

Public Liability Insurance 

  • Any business that provides a service to the public should consider taking out a decent level of public liability protections, we let you choose from £500,000 to £5 Million. This protection is aimed at  providing financial protection should a customer make a claim against you or your business, when this occurs things can get costly if  legal and medical bills start to arrive and this is when your cover will protect you finacially

Employee Liability

  • This is a legal requirement If you employ any staff and that includes temporary or weekend staff. 

Glass and Shop Front

  • This is sometimes requested as replacing glass frontage can be very expensive, if needed it can be added as an extra to your beauty salon insurance package.

Secures the Financial Future of your Mobile or Fixed Business

The main purpose of investing in insurance is that it protects the beauty therapist’s business and financial future. It’s all too common for clients to sue their beauty therapists for malpractice or negligence. The legal proceedings can lead the beauty therapist along a path of financial ruin. Some of the common reasons cited for claiming compensation from the therapists include burns from hot wax and laser treatments in addition to allergic reactions to some of the massage oils and chemical peels used on the client. We offer cover for all salon types including nail tech insurance and tanning salons.

Reduces the High Risk Nature of the Industry

When buying Insurance, it’s crucial to focus on a tailored product. One size does not fit all. This means that a product that worked well for other beautician therapists whom you know might produce disastrous results for you. Most insurers consider the beautician industry high-risk. The high risk nature of the industry is because of the ever-changing types of treatments and products that therapists use on their clients. With such types of changes, it’s no wonder that errors are all too common in this industry.

Protects Against Costly Errors

Errors take place in the industry all the time irrespective of the experience and training that you and your staff have. Some clients can be a bit understanding, especially if the errors do not lead to severe injuries or bodily harm. However, the moment the error causes a severe injury that forces the client not to go to work or fend for the needs of the family, getting away with nothing other than a slap on the wrist would be unimaginable. Good mobile beauty therapist insurance helps the therapist to minimise risks while protecting the owner, staff, clients and the business.

Some of the high end treatments offered by the therapist, which need insurance, include:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Endermology
  • Laser therapy
  • Electrolysis
  • Acid peels
  • Cosmetic tattooing
  • VPL/IPL treatments
  • Microdermabrasion

For these reasons, you should speak with a mobile beauty therapist insurer today. The steps you take today determine whether you will enjoy running a successful business or fail as a result of unforeseen circumstance that could have been covered by the right insurance package. The demand for your services will never stop growing, but only if you have all the tools needed to continue excelling. Buying insurance is one of the ways you will protect the business and give it a fair shot at success. 

Beauty Therapist Insurance - Get Online Quotes in Minutes

Choose your Package: Property  * Public  Liability *  Employee Liability * Equipment  * Stock * Glass & Shop Front

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