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Do I need salon insurance? Yes if you are the owner of a salon owner or work from a mobile shop you will need to protect your business by taking out the appropriate level of insurance. We can provide quotes for of the following plus many more service providers : beauticians, hairdressers,, tattoo studio mobile or stationary, makeup artists, masseurs, physiotherapists, piercing/tattoo studio, sports therapists, nail salons, and tanning salons.

Tanning Salon Insurance Comparison

Tanning Salons

Tanning salon Insurance compare the cost of cover with 20 plus specialist Uk insurance brokers in minutes

beauty therapist insurance

Beauty Therapists

Beauty therapist insurance is available to protect you business should you operate from  a beauty salon or provide a mobile service or indeed work from home. 

Nail Technician Insurance

Nail Technicians

Nail technician insurance will ensure your are covered for public liability claims and if you employ staff and claims that they should make against your salon or mobile shop 

Hairdresser Insurance

Hairdressing Insurance

hairdressing involves deal with strong chemicals and members of the public. Given the combination taking out hairdresser insurance whilst a legal requirement just makes plain sense.

Massage Therapist Insurance

Massage Therapists

Are you self employed as a massage therapist and need to take out insurance? we can provide with 20 plus massage therapist insurance quotes from a panel of UK brokers that deal excusively in massage therapist insurance.

Nail Technician Insurance

Nail Technicians

Salon liability insurance

When you have a steady stream of both customers and suppliers coming in and out of your business premises you need to take out cover, this will give you peace of mind that your business would not be in danger if an accident results in a claim against your thriving salon .

It is important to make sure that you are covered for:

  • Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance is able to protect your business against any medical and damage claims including legal costs. The industry standard is currently in the region of £5 million. This product can be also be offered as part of a comprehensive package that might include Public and Employer's' Liability Insurance.

  • Public Liability Insurance

As a business owner in the service industry you are liable should any of your customers be harmed directly by one of your products or treatments. You are also liable should an accident such as slipping on a floor that is slippy as a result of  an earlier accidental spill should the customer decide to claim costs as a result.  Given that accidents do happen no matter how careful you are to ensure your customers do not come to any harm whilst in your parlour it is imperative that you are covered correctly.  Imagine if you are trying out a new product and you misjudged the strength which resulted in a client receiving minor skin burns or a skin irritation reaction, your client would have every right to make a huge claim against you which equates to your business. Costs for these types of claims can be crippling so it is always advised to ensure that you have an appropriate level of public liability insurance in place.  

  • Employers Liability Insurance

Similar to the public any employees paid or unpaid in your service are able to make a claim should they befall an accident whilst in the workplace salon or mobile.  Claims for personal injuries can be extremely high and can  easily cripple your business and given that it is also a legal requirement to have employee liability insurance it makes sense to take out the appropriate level of cover in your place of business. 

Compare Multiple Salon Insurance Quotes in Minutes

Product Liability Insurance Explained

No modern hairdresser can operate or compete without investing in the both the latest styling technology and latest beauty hair products. Many salons also have a shop front selling these sought after lotions direct to the public. This is where product liability comes into play it protects your valuable hairdresser business from any accidents resulting in injury that may behold your clients or damage caused by an actual hairdressing product that has an adverse reaction on a particular customers skin type. This type of claim is more common than you may think , hair spray cans have and do explode if not stored correctly, the damage inflicted can be both server and costly in terms of damages the client may file against your salon business.

Employer's Liability Insurance Insurance Explained

Any hairdresser operating a business out of a shop, from home or via a mobile service that employs one or more additional staff that can include either full-time or part-time must take out Employers' Liability Insurance. Some exemptions do apply for example if the other party is also part business owner, these exceptions are rare and the safe approach is to take out the appropriate level of insurance.

It is the employer's legal obligation to display in a visible location a certificate of Employers' Liability which clearly states the levels of cover provided.

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Compare Multiple Salon Insurance Quotes in Minutes

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