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An insurance policy covering the owner of a tanning salon is vital for financial protection against events and situations out of their control. This makes it possible to operate the small business with the peace of mind that legal hassles and associated items will be taken care of.

The cost of  insuring a small tanning salon differs from one salon to the next. Why? The cost depends on several factors such as location of the business and type of building in which it’s located. Cost of insurance is also dependent on the safety measures that the owner of the tanning business has put in place. The types of services offered, claims history, and the types as well as amounts of the coverage all determine how much your annual premium will be. Therefore, be conscious of these factors when trying to calculate the premium.

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How many Sunbeds operate in the UK? iKathy Banks of the a member of the UK Sunbed Association, which voluntarily regulates at least  20% of sunbed providers, guesstimates between 6,000-7,000.

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