Mobile Hairdresser Insurance What You Should Know Before 

We are frequently asked is "Do I need legally to take out mobile hair dresser insurance?". The answer is can be both. To explain if you operate a mobile hairdressing business and employ staff you have a duty of care and are legally required to have a minimum of  employers's  liability insurance. 

Legally if you do not employ staff you are not required to have mobile hairdresser insurance. However as from your experience you are fully aware that things can go wrong or false claims can be made from one of your clients. To protect yourself financially is prudent to take out insurance that will protect you as you practice your day to day business on hair styling. If you operate from a salon then you should also consider a specific policy geared towards owner salon insurance

mobile hairdresser insurance

We an help you compare the price and options for mobile hairdresser insurance.  How? Select Quick Quote and after completing a simple inquiry form you will receive multiple quotes from a board of UK brokers that are specialists in this niche market.

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