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The need for microblading insurance by a practitioner of this art is necessary, but only for licensed beauticians in their specialized field. This new technique of adding semi-permanent colored marks representing hair follicles where eyebrows once were is also referred to as eyebrow embroidery and microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading insurance

Microblading is a technique where a scalpel is used to make incisions in the area where eyebrow hairs are or once were. Once the incision is made, ink is then introduced then it is allowed to heal. This is not a tattoo which uses a machine to place pigment deep under the skin, but is done by hand with the pigment just below the top epidermal layer.

What is included in a microblading insurance policy?

For practicing and licensed beauticians that perform microblading the following is available for protection just in case a claim is made against you.

  • Public Liability of up to £3 million per claim of protection in a standard policy, but can be increased to £10 million if desired by the beautician. This cover is protection if a claim by a third party is made where they state they have been harmed or their property damaged in your salon or working area.
  • Product liability of up to £3 million to cover all claims in a calendar year. This protection can be increased to £5 million to cover all instances where a claim is made against you in a calendar year. This is cover if a product you use is deemed faulty by you or one of your clients and harms a client.
  • Treatment liability of up to £3 million per claim when the client has an adverse reaction to the treatment which can include but not limited to excessive swelling, infection or other.
  • Professional indemnity cover or malpractice insurance is protection of up to £3 million per claim if a client files with the court a complaint that you made a mistake in your treatment or advice is faulty which leads a client to be injured.

These are the items included in a standard microblading policy. The cover as listed above is what both the mobile and salon beauticians need to be financially protected while performing their art on clients.

Should I cover my equipment with insurance?

By covering your equipment with insurance, you will have protection if anything breaks, is stolen or lost. The blades are replaced for each new client, but the tattoo pen, blade holder and other accessories still need to be sterilized in between uses. This equipment along with the steriliser and sonicator must always be in proper working condition. This is additional cover will offer financial protection of up to £1,000 per claim.

What insurance do I need if I have a helper or other type of employee?

By UK law, anyone that employees a third party must have employers liability insurance. This cover takes care of the costs if the employee is injured on the job and requires medical attention.

Is there any other type of insurance a mircoblading professional might need?

Legal cover is always advisable for any business just in case a third party makes a claim against you or your business for any reason. This cover will take care of court fees, along with the cost of hiring a solicitor and lawyer along with any settlement made in court.

The use of microblading insurance is to help financially protect the beautician who performs this salon specialty service. This makes it possible for them to fully concentrate on the task of handling the needs of their clients instead of the problems that could arise from operating a business. If you offer a range of beauty services you may wish to consider a salon insurance  package to cover all under one policy.

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