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You have started your massage therapy salon after satisfying all legal formalities. You are now all set to start your operations, but wait! Have your insured your business? As a professional massage therapist, are you wondering if your salon/business would need special cover? You must understand any business has the risk of facing losses due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, you need a salon insurance policy to fall back upon and protect you from these losses. If you are still not convinced,here are some compelling reasons for you to choose a massage therapist insurance policy.

Finding the right massage therapist insurance for your new business can be challenging and time consuming. Deciding which options are necessary and which you will never need can be daunting for the uninitiated . This is where can assist by letting you easily compare the cost of and what is included across a a panel of trusted UK  insurance providers, thereby helping you find the cover that’s right for you.

Professional and Public Liability Insurance for Massage Therapaists

You have a responsibility both legally and socially to provide a safe work environment for both your staff and customers. If you are negligent and for instance leave obstacles on the floor that block the free passage of your clients and as a result they slip and are injured, you are liable for any damages. In such cases the client or employee are within their legal rights to claim against your business for any damages  incurred as a result of your negligence. 

If a claim is made and you loose you will be held liable for any resulting costs made by the injured party. This is where a public liability insurance policy steps in to protect your trade or business, under this type of  policy these expenses are taken care of by the underwriter. However, it is best to not to create circumstances that accidents can flourish as whilst you may have protection your resulting premium will increase come renewal time. 

Sometimes, you can cause injuries to your clients in the course of your business by accident. Your beauty treatments can harm them in some way, thereby causing injuries. Sometimes, the treatments that you suggest can cause allergies for them. While some of them don’t make it a big issue, there are some fussy clients who can sue you for professional negligence. Apart from the financial losses that you suffer due to compensation paid should you be liable. you also have to bear the brunt of a bigger problem – loss of reputation! Therefore, ensure that you take up a professional liability insurance policy to protect yourself from these risks.

As a massage therapist, you are required to touch your client physically most of the times as part of your treatment. However, these touches can sometimes be looked upon as sexual assault or harassment by the clients. In such cases, your need to have a professional liability insurance policy intact to prove to all the concerned parties that you were doing your job as a therapist and to handle all the financial and legal expenses involved in the legal suit filed by your client.

  • The aapplication of the pigments on the face has an adverse reaction and causes an irritation.
  • The preparation of the skin with a cleanser or lotion causes irritation of the skin.
  • If an irritation of an orifice occurs; eyes, nose, ears or mouth.
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    The client is injured for any reason while in the presence of the artist.
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    The client is unhappy with the final results including the figure or design is considered to be out of proportion.
  • check-circle-o
    Any form of sexual harassment or any other type of harassment is implied by the client against the artist.
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    The application of Henna is carrier out and the client changes their mind and wants it immediately removed.
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    Over spray when an airbrush is being used in the application of the pigment.
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    Working in an unsafe area.
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    The use of dirty water or other solution for cleaning the brushes or equipment.
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    The passing on of an illness or contagious disease from artist to client.
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    Any claim of physical abuse by client against the artist.

Personal Liability Insurance for Face Painters

This type of coverage is the financial protection against a law suit when there is an accident that occurs with the application of the pigment that covers the skin.

  • The accidental spilling of the pigment on a garment of the client.
  • A fall or injury occurs by accident if contact between the artist and client happens causing injury, harm or distress to the client.
  • If any action occurs during the application of the pigment that is incorrect during a natural event as with an earthquake or other event of Mother Nature.
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    If any damage that occurs to property of the client accidentally by the artist occurs during the application of the pigment.