July 30, 2019

ABT Insurance Review

This ABT beauty insurance review will discuss just what the Association Beauty Therapist has to offer in terms of financial protection for professionals in the beauty industry. This insurance covers the professionals who work from home, are mobile and those that work in a salon.

ABT Insurance Review

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​What type of ABT beauty insurance is available?

  • Professional Treatment Risk insurance is financial protection of up to £6 million to cover when there is an incident during or after you have performed a treatment on a client.
  • Public Liability coverage is up to £6 million to financially protect you when an accident occurs.
  • Product Liability coverage is financial protection of up to £6 million when there is a problem with a product you sell a client.

​Where is this coverage active?

When you take out an ABT insurance policy, you can work anywhere in the UK and most other places temporarily except in America and Canada. 

What are the qualifications for taking out an ABT Beauty insurance policy?

To be eligible to take out an ABT insurance policy you must work in the beauty industry and be a member of ABT. 

  • Personal Trainer Insurance
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Complementary Therapists
  • Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • Dermaplanning
  • Holistic Insurance
  • Microblading Insurance
  • Chiropractors
  • Beauty Thread Lifts
  • Beauty Therapists

Are there any specific insurance policies dependent on what the beauty professional specializes in?

Yes, there are specific policies to help cover the professionals that include the following;

  • Beauty Therapist insurance
  • Nails, Tanning and Makeup insurance
  • Complimentary insurance
  • Hair insurance
  • Student insurance
  • Salon insurance

Yes, you can become ABT accredited along with the courses you have taken or will take. There is a one time fee for this. Once you become ABT certified your skills will be acknowledged with the seal of approval by ABT and recognized in the profession as such and allowed to display the logo in your place of business.

You will also receive free promotion of your business on the ABT website, in their monthly newsletter, 20% off banner advertising, free entry to trade shows, discounts from brand owners, access to the marketing design group of ABT along with support and guidance to help your business flourish.


ABT beauty insurance review is about covering your business with financial protection. There is no mention of just who underwrites the policies, but there is a mention of BALENS Yoga and Holistic insurance and Zurich Insurance PLC. While the insurance policies are standard in their coverage, the ABT accreditation is a bonus to help a business get recognized in the beauty industry. 

ABT policies are available for the UK beauty and wellbeing industry that includes  makeup artists , nail technicians and  mobile beauty therapists and many others.

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