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Holistic Therapy Insurance Quotes 

Holistic Insurance is a necessary part of practicing the healing arts of the human body that helps the entire person by addressing issues involving the body, mind and emotions as a whole. Just like other health practitioners, the insurance is financial protection just in case an unforeseen issue arises.

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What kind of coverage is included with Holistic Insurance? 

Just like all other health professionals, holistic practitioners need financial protection just in case there is a problem or disagreement. The following types of coverage are standard in a holistic insurance policy.

  • Public Liability coverage is financial protection if a third party files a lawsuit against you or your business demanding compensation for damages that occurred at your place of business.
  • Professional Liability (malpractice) coverage is financial protection of legal expenses arising from a third party making the claim that you made a breach in professional duty when you performed the therapy or omitted part of it that might have caused damage to the body, mentally or psychologically to a client. This part of the policy also protects if there is a claim against your business involving copyright infringement, registered design infringement or deformation of slander claim is made against you. 
  • Product Liability coverage is financial protection when a third party makes the claim that a product you used on them or sold to them caused damage or harmed the third party. 

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Are there any optional type of coverage for the Holistic Practitioner?

There are several items that can be added to the standard Holistic insurance policy. These additional items increase the protection and the cost of the premium. 

  • Personal accident coverage is financial protection if you are injured and can’t work. This coverage will provide you with payments until you can return to work or a lump sum if you are permanently disabled.
  • Legal expense protection that helps pay the legal bills when you receive an unexpected legal bill not related to any of the above coverage. 

Complimentary Theray Details to Check

  • If you work with children check the policy details to make sure it is not listed as an exclusion. Best to check exclusions as these can vary from broker to broker.
  • If you employ staff part or full time by law you need to take our employers' liability insurance. If you fail to you are open to a substantial fine.
  • If your business offers a number of different therapies make sure these are stated and covered in your policy.

Compare the Cost of Holistic Insurance 

Holistic insurance is financial protection for the practitioners using what are classified as alternative medicines. This area of medicine treats the entire body to help resolve the issue that the patient has by resolving the source of the problem or discomfort. Because they use what some call unconventional methods, many of their clients do not understand the methods which could cause a misunderstanding that might lead to a lawsuit. This is one of the reasons Holistic Insurance is highly recommended for all holistic practitioners. 

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