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Eyelash Extension Insurance 

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Eyelash Extension  Insurance  Liability cover for eyelash technicians

The importance of eyelash extension insurance can’t be understated. This type of policy is for a beauty expert that will help financially protect them in the event of a claim. 

What is included with Eyelash Extension Insurance?

The following coverage is normaly standard in policies issued to beauticians that apply eyelash extensions.

eyelash extension insurance
  • Public Liability Coverage,  This also covers any claim by a third party which can be a customer or a third party in your salon.

This is financial and legal protection if a claim is made against you by a customer. The claim can be when they were on your property where they are stating their body had been injured, caught a disease, died or have had their property damaged.

For beauticians applying eyelash extensions, there should be an additional provision in the policy. This is to protect you during the application of the extensions if something goes wrong with the process. Some insurance companies list this as treatment coverage.

  • Product Liability Coverage. The claim can also arise from eyelash extensions you sell and are applied by the customer.

It is the part of the insurance that financially protects you if the eyelash extension itself is at fault and the reason a claim is made against you. The source of the claim against you can be a problem with the eyelash extensions that you applied to your customers.

For beauticians that own the salon and have employees working there is additional insurance coverage required.

  • Employer Liability Insurance

For any business with staff, this is the type of coverage that protects the owner if an employee makes any type of claim against the business or owner. This is a requirement by UK law for any business including salon owners who have at minimum a part-time employee working for them.


Personal Accident and Sickness Coverage

If as the owner you become sick, disabled or anything else that causes you to be unable to work, this section of your policy is where the claim will be made. From most insurers, this section of the policy provides a weekly payment if an illness or injury is preventing you from working on a temporary basis. When the injury is permanent or death occurs and you will not return to work, the payout is typically made as a lump sum.

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