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The best DIY skin care tips to pamper yourself this Spring

Natural Hair Products VS Chemical Hair Products

Cold weather is good for things like snowmen, skiing and occasional consumption of hot fish, but for your skin, it's torture. So by the time spring comes, your dry and cracked skin is fed up and ready for a taste of spring weather. Along with long, warmer days, spring season also comes with a plethora of ingredients perfect for healing, moisturizing and alleviating your skin. Examine the aisles of your grocery store, and you will see them stocked with some of the best fruits, vegetables, and oils able to kick your big-brand skin care products. So instead of going to your local beauty salon try the salon insure quotes DIY solution.

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Say yes to a scrub

The first step to the spring-ready skin is to shed your winter skin! Before you lament over your lack of pre-summer soft skin, go DIY. You can quickly make an at-home body scrub to slough off the last of winter’s dull skin. Choose either salt or sugar (sugar will be slightly gentler on the skin) and an organic oil of choice. We suggest olive and coconut oils for their richness. Coconut oil sugar scrub does a great exfoliating job, as it slough off all dead skin cells and give you a new, fresh look.

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    Mix one part oil (of your choice) to two parts sugar or salt in a container. The contents will separate, which is entirely normal. Add two to three drops of your essential oil of choice. We love grapefruit or lavender. Now you have a pure and divine DIY body scrub to enhance your experience of next shower.

At-home hydrotherapy

Several spa treatments either start or end with some kind of hydrotherapy. Usually, it involves starting off in a warm pool and then plunging into a cooler one to boost circulation. You are left feeling relaxed yet energized, but you do not have to hit the spa for that to happen. All you need is hit the showers at your home.

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    Start with a hot shower (not too hot but pleasantly warm) for one minute. Now, switch to cold water for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat three to five minutes. Emerge feeling ready to face the long spring day!

Make it a mask

Treatment masks, whether applied at a spa or purchased from a beauty store, can be pricey, but you do not need to dip into your purse to treat your skin. What’s in your kitchen can be an affordable yet most effective way to get gorgeous skin. The most common skin care concerns in spring season are a complexion that’s a) too dry or b) too oily. Check out these two useful and quick fixes.

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    Strawberry mask clarifies your skin and busts excess oil. Crush three to four berries, add two tablespoons of organic yogurt and the juice from one-quarter of a lemon. Mix well and apply to dry, clean skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse well.
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    For an effective and cheap dry skin solution, add one tablespoon of yogurt in a mashed avocado. Mix well, apply and leave on for five to ten minutes. Rinse well and use your regular moisturizer.

Steam and tone skin

Instead of wasting hard-earned money on products meant to get your skin glowing, do it all on your own. Steam your skin (you don’t even need a steamer) to open the clogged pores and boost circulation.

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    Simply add warm (not boiling) water to a glass bowl. Add few crushed mint leaves for freshness, cover your head with a large towel to keep the steam in and sit with your face over the bowl. Five to ten minutes should do the trick.

Next, it’s time to tone, but again you don’t need to hit the beauty aisle. Just brew chamomile or green tea, let it cool for few minutes  in the fridge, add to spray bottle, and voila - you have made a refreshing toner for the cost of a tea bag.

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Tips to being a top class makeup artist

makeup artist

Getting paid to think all day about beauty trends, to experiment with different looks and work with new customers is what make being a makeup artist a delightful job. But like any other great service, it also requires a lot of skills, hard work, planning and a creative business mind. If you have a good eye for ever-changing beauty trends and desire to use your talents and creativity to make other people look gorgeous, becoming a full-time make up artist can be the right career for you. Let's find out what it takes to build a career in makeup industry. Before you get your business up and running take some time to look at the various make up artist insurance options that we have on offer. Below we have listed some of the attributes and skills needed to be a success in the nail tech care and makeup artists business. 

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A passion for learning

Practice makes a man perfect, and the art of makeup is no exception. Practice makeup on yourself and your friends to develop your technique and perfect your art. Remember that even if you are a superstar at doing your own makeup, practicing make-up on other people takes a different set of coordination and motor skills. Practice your makeup skills on people with different age groups, different skin color, different face shapes and eye colors. Find people with dark, medium, olive and fair skin. This will help you not only develop a lot of skills but also allows you to work with a wide range of customers

Become familiar with different looks

Read magazines, look at fashion blogs, watch movies, and pay attention to the different styles and trends of face makeup. Customers often request to create a certain look that a celebrity had in an act, commercial or in a magazine. It is important to deliver a look that your clients describe to you, and keep up with the latest trends in beauty, so you can advise your clients on what looks best on him or her. You have to learn the terminology in the art of makeup so that you can precisely bring your customer's descriptions to life.

Take time to discover what kind of looks grab your attention and who are your makeup artist role models. Many makeup counters are hiring people who have not gone to beauty school but if you have the money and time; spend them in learning techniques from beauty experts who have been in this business for years.

Educate yourself

Decide which area (s) of art makeup you want to work on to determine which classes are most beneficial to you. The learning programs varies between different schools but typically includes core competencies such as wedding makeup and advanced features such as special effects. Remember that even if these courses help, they cannot replace the benefits of natural talent, experience, and practice. Consider becoming a licensed beautician as this will give you an edge over your co-practitioners.

Marketing is the key

Social networks had a great impact on the art of makeup. If you want to be more successful as a beautician, you need a strong presence in real world as well as on the web. Choose three to five social media platforms that you can use to promote yourself and your business. People are using some of the most popular social media platforms these days such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. Being active and engaged on 1 or 2 platforms is far better than choosing too many platforms as it will be difficult for you to give the attention your social plans deserve.

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What Type of Massage is Good for You

What Type of Massage is Good for You

So you need a massage; either due to a headache, backache, deep body pains, sprains, muscle soreness, muscular tearing or simply owing to body calmness and relaxation. But you are confused to choose one out of several types of massage having their own individual benefits. Depending upon the type of your requirement (most reasons mentioned above), here is a quick guide to some of the most popular types of massage therapy. We can offer a wide choice of options for both massage insurance and holistic insurance.

Presenting complaints: 

You are an office worker or you have to sit in front of a computer screen for many hours and your upper back, shoulders, and neck are chronically sore.

Type: Swedish massage therapy Best For:

  • Decreasing muscle toxins
  • Relaxation and relief from stress
  • Improving flexibility, blood flow and level of oxygen in the blood

Why: It is the most common type of massage for good reason. It is actually a combination of different movements; i.e. Muscle kneading, Friction rolling, Long, sweeping strokes and Rhythmic tapping. These movements are applied in such a way that they tend to release tension & soreness, warm up muscles, eliminate toxins (by increasing local blood flow) and gradually breaking up muscle knots and adhered tissues.

Type: Deep tissue massage or sports massage Best For:

  • Postural problems
  • Muscular tears and injuries
  • Release chronic muscle tension

Why: A type neuromuscular massage that specifically targets the neuronal trigger points and neuromuscular junctions that cause chronic muscle tension, knots, and pulled muscles. Two of the most common subtypes of deep tissue massage are tapotement (high-intensity rhythmic tapping motions using fingertips for general body aches) and petrissage (application of deep pressure onto specific trouble points rather than the whole body).

Type: Deep tissue massage or sports massage Best For:

Presenting complaints: You are so depressed, so tensed that your lower back and other parts of the body feels like concrete. You have a whole day standing job.

  • Stimulating nerve function
  • Boost energy and induce a deep relaxation

Why: Also called foot massage or sometimes hand massage, reflexology is a form of gentle therapeutic treatment that uses pressure on certain points of the feet and hands in specific dimensions and positions. It is believed that these reflex areas on the hands and feet correspond to particular organs and systems in the body (e.g. little finger corresponds to head region including the face, ears, eyes and sinuses). This method has been used anciently to treat people with degenerating diseases and chronic ailments.

5 Tips To Keeping Your Nails Healthy

5 tips for healthy nails

Eyes can offer an important glimpse into the soul; but nails are the definitive windows to your overall health. Changes in the nails, such as a touch of rosy tinge, small white patches, bumps and thickening can signal health problems, some of them serious. Who doesn’t know the cosmetic importance of nails, however beside cosmetic reasons, nails are usually meant for doing various tasks and therefore they should be kept clean, healthy and normal growing. Beautiful nails bring an indulgent and pampering experience to you. Read on to find some important tips to keep your nails in tip-top position. If you are an actual nail technician visit the nail technician insurance page to compare the costs of both mobile and shop insurance to cover your business risks.

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Precautions to avoid nail problems:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking precautions to avoid nail problems is mainly an indirect yet most effective approach to keeping your nails strong and healthy.

  • Cuticles provide an excellent barrier for pathogens, so avoid them trimmed during a manicure.
  • Make sure your clipper and other nail grooming equipment are clean and sterilized.
  • Avoid switching nail polish too often. Choose your products like nail polish ( opt for toluene /  acetone free types) wisely as its frequent use can weaken your nails.
  • Selecting appropriate footwear with proper room for the socks can prevent you getting athlete’s foot (fungal infection of the foot).

Caring for your nails:

Regular care and routine examination can result in healthy nails. Caring for your nails is much easier than you might think of

  • Regular trimming and filling is important as it helps you get rid of impurities, pathogens and brittle damaged ends.
  • Wet nails provide a fertile soil for the bacteria and other pathogens to grow, keeping your nails clean and dry is an effective way to protect yourself from getting infections.
  • Besides a bad habit, biting your nails can be a rich source of harmful agents that may lead to serious systemic illness. So stay safe, don’t try this at home, school or anywhere.

Healthy diet, beautiful nails:

Importance of optimal diet should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to health. As nails are made up of protein (keratin) so protein rich diet is crucial to maintaining healthy nails. Vitamin B/C prevents ridges, iron gets rid of white patches, drinking plenty of water prevents drying and dullness while zinc & calcium keeps them strong. Biotin, (banana is the richest source) is again another important vitamin that plays a key role in nail hardness and thickness.

Topical applicants; moisturizers and ointments:

Constant friction, regular workout or overuse of nail polish/removers often results in dryness, peeling and flaking of nails. Provide your nails an additional layer of protection by putting a top coat of moisturizer or lotion that will keep them hydrated and helps them grow better and healthier. Moisturizing twice a day (before going to bed and after a shower) with a coconut oil based moisturizer helps reduce breakage, preventing them from becoming brittle.

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Monitoring your nails:

Manicured Nails

Courtesy of Pixabay

Texture, colour and thickness are various indicators for your nail health. Observing and recognising the signs of discoloration, deformity, infections and bulges can help you not only in prevention, but also in the early diagnosis and treatment of underlying health problems. Keep an eye on the indicators mentioned above and in case you find something abnormal, immediately consult your doctor or dermatologist for evaluation.