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Barber Shop Insurance

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Barber business insurance is critical to any successfully hairdressing business. Buying a policy for your barber premises can be costly. For this very reason it is always best to compare the market by completing a 2 minute online inquiry form. Once completed we will send your requirements to a panel of brokers that deal in barber salon insurance. An option to add public liability protection is also available. Within minutes check you inbox for multiple quotes from insurance brokers all providing you with their best quote in order to get your valuable business.

Whether you own the premises or hire a chair in a shop, free lancer, provide a mobile service we can offer insurance. The insurance can be tailored to your precise needs and can cover you for such things as loss of stock, tools or equipment. In addition an option exists to choose public liability insurance ranging from £ 50,000 to £5 Million. 

Typical Policy Features & Benefits : Tailored to your Individual Requirements

Public Liability Insurance 

  • If you own the freehold, you will normally need to insure the salon against damage by fire, theft, flood and subsidence. You may also choose to include stock such as hair products and tools and equipment employed within your hairdressing business.

Property, Contents and Stock 

  • You may choose to include public liability insurance in your barber salon insurance package. This will protect you against possibly costly claims against your establishment from the public. This may be tailored to include the treatments and services that you provide.

Employee Liability

  • If you employ staff including temps or weekend staff you are legally required to purchase employee liability cover.

Glass and Shop Front

  • The class frontage can be expensive and may be included as an extra in your insurance package.

Barber Salon Insurance - Get Online Quotes in Minutes

Choose your Package: Property  * Public  Liability *  Employee Liability * Equipment  * Stock * Glass & Shop Front

Every day in 2006, the UK insurance industry paid out £3.3 million in general liability claims, such as for accidents at work, professional indemnity, and injuries to the public on business premises. Source ABI

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