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Every day in 2006, the UK insurance industry paid out £3.3 million in general liability claims, such as for accidents at work, professional indemnity, and injuries to the public on business premises. Source ABI

Compare Nail Technician Insurance with Public Liability

If you are a self employed nail technician, manicurist or pedicurist we can provide you with multiple quotes from a panel of UK brokers that specialise in providing insurance cover for the beauty industry. Obtain a quick no-obligation insurance quotation for either a mobile service or nail bar.  It is advisable to take out liability insurance to protect both you and your nail technician business.  We can help by providing multiple insurance quotes from a panel of top UK brokers that specialise in providing insurance for the beauty business. Simple Select the Quick Quote and complete a 2 minute form, within minutes you will start to receive insurance quotes from over 20 insurance brokers.  Get quotes now and compare the costs of nail technician business insurance policy for technicians that are either a mobile or based in a salon. You may be treating the stars so make sure you are properly covered.

Tips on Nail Shop Insurance All Nail Shop Owners Must Know

Nail Technician Insurance

Clients go to nail bars or salons for a bit of pampering. Well, some of them go to the salon for nothing other than excessive pampering. Nevertheless, the salon cannot provide these services with financial safely without taking out nail technician insurance policy. Salon insurance is a cover that protects the shop when things go wrong. For example, failure to clean some of the tools used in the salon could make it possible for bacteria to grow and cause diseases or allergic reactions.  We can provide insurance quotes for any sector of the beauty business from hairdresser insurance to tanning salon cover.

Here’s the list of coverage the Nail Shop Insurance needs:

This is one of the most important covers. It protects the nail bar in case one of the employees displays negligent behaviour that injures customers. In some cases, one of the customers might sue the salon because of an employee’s failure to clean and sanitise some of the tools. This kind of failure could cause an infection. Fortunately, the insurance protects you against the costs associated with filing the case in court. Otherwise, you would have to settle the costs from your own pocket, which could be disastrous for the future of your business.

Public Liability

In any business that involves interaction with members of the public particularly if your providing a beauty service you are open to liability claims, in modern UK these claims are not uncommon and can lead to your business facing both legal and medical bills capable of taking down any business. Thus the need for some level of protection you may choose from £500,000 to 1/2 a million. 

Professional Liability Coverage

This caters for all the legal costs as well as judgements in a lawsuit filed against you by a customer who suffered bodily injuries. Some of the circumstances from which this coverage protects you include a customer suffering injuries from slipping or falling while making her way into your work premises. It covers the medical bills as well as court-related expenses that arise when a client sues you. General liability protects you financially in case you’re responsible for damaging the space you have rented for your business.

Employee Liability Protection

If your nail tech business employs any staff paid or unpaid, part time or fill time, literally anyone that helps run your business it is your legal obligation to provide employee insurance. Failure to take out this cover can easily lead to the collapse of your valuable business should an employee make a claim against you or your business.

Property Insurance & Contents

This insurance covers the building in which your business is located. It also covers all the equipment you purchased and set up in the building to run your nail shop successfully. Property insurance is quite useful in case of theft, fires and other similar types of disasters. However, you have to enquire from your insurer whether this plan covers you against floods and earthquakes. This is because many property insurance policies tend to exclude such events. It’s cheaper to invest in this type of insurance instead of paying for the damages straight from your pockets.

Therefore, you now have full information to help you choose the best nail tech insurance for your business. The insurance is an asset in such situations. It protects you financially, thus leaving you with more money to spend on the business. Use the information published here to know how to choose or what to look for in the insurance. It’s good to encourage your employees to practice and adhere to basic safety precautions, such as sanitising the tools and equipment you use in the business to avoid filing claims.

Salon Insurance - Get Online Quotes in Minutes

Need Insurance for your Salon * Hair * Beauty * Tanning * Masseur *  We can help by comparing multiple suppliers in minutes

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