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Hairdresser Insurance What You Should Know About Before Paying For It

Hairdresser Insurance

As long as you own a salon, buying Hairdresser Insurance will not be optional. The insurance is legally mandatory for hairdressers, beauticians and nail therapists. Therefore, you cannot work in any of these professions inside a salon without the insurance. If you decide to continue working without one, the law enforcers and local authorities will soon find and arraign you in court. The penalties meted against you would make it impossible to ever work again as a hairdresser, beautician or nail therapist. Your business could collapse and force you to lose a ton of money.

Compare the price of coverage for Hair & Barber Professionals Mobile or based at home (Home Salon), renting a chair in a Salon or a session Stylist. How? Select Quick Quote and after completing a simple inquiry form you will receive multiple quotes from a board of UK brokers that specialise in this niche insurance market.

You Need it Irrespective of Your Location

Hairdresser insurance isn’t only for people who work in salons. Any beautician, nail therapist or hairdresser who works from home or a car is required to have a valid Hairdresser Insurance too. Apart from buying it to avoid breaking the law, you should also invest in the insurance to pay for damages you may cause to your customers. For example, you may use a defective product on one of your customers only to see it affecting her negatively. Without a valid insurance, you might go broke and out of business trying to pay for the costs of treatment from your pocket.

Increases likelihood of Finding Work

A beautician, nail therapist or hairdresser who has insurance has a much higher chance of finding work. Salons have no problem employing fully insured professionals. In fact, you can use the insurance to negotiate with your employer for a higher pay. The salon you wish to work for has its own concerns on the risks of employing you. The hair care, beauty and nail industry is replete with several health and safety risks emanating from the kind of products and equipment used. The risks multiply exponentially when unqualified and inexperienced workers serve clients.

Compare Multiple Salon Insurance Quotes in Minutes

Self employed mobile hairdressers and hair salon owners all need cover

  1. He or she shows her maturity and willingness to be responsible for their own actions

  2. It demonstrates thorough awareness of all the risks and a willingness to adhere to health and safety measures that are legally put in place

  3. It demonstrates willingness to work long-term and enjoy a successful career in the industry instead of seeking temporary work

  4. It demonstrates willingness to bear a few of the financial risks that are involved in when running a salon or working as a nail therapist, beautician or hairdresser in a salon

  5. She or he demonstrates their respect towards fellow workers, clients and herself

Buying or walking around with your Hairdresser Insurance isn’t a ticket to direct employment. In addition to the insurance, you still need to prove yourself to the prospective employer. Your ability, potential for growth, previous experiences, training and personality are some of the other factors the prospective employer will consider before hiring you. Nonetheless, the insurance increases your chances of finding favour with the employer. Therefore, mention the fact that you have your Hairdresser Insurance when sending CVs and cover letters to prospective employers.

Compare Multiple Salon Insurance Quotes in Minutes

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