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Massage Therapist Insurance - Is it Necessary?

Massage Therapist Insurance

You have started your massage therapy salon after satisfying all legal formalities. You are now all set to start your operations, but wait! Have your insured your business? As a professional massage therapist, are you wondering if your salon/business would need insurance? You must understand any business has the risk of facing losses due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, you need a salon insurance policy to fall back upon and protect you from these losses. If you are still not convinced,here are some compelling reasons for you to choose a massage therapist insurance policy.

General liability insurance

You have to organise your salon in a proper way so that you don’t have things lying around on the floor. If you have loose wires on the floor or other things that block the free passage of your clients, they can trip resulting in possible injury. When your client gets injured at your place of operation they can sue you for negligence. You may end up  having to pay a substantial amount to cover legal expenses. If you loose you will also be liable for any claims from the injured party. This is where a general liability insurance policy can help you to a great extent. When your salon is covered under this type of policy these expenses are taken care of by the insurance company. We not only offer insurance comparison for massage therapists, but also barber shop insurance  and other salon related services.

Compare Multiple Salon Insurance Quotes in Minutes

Professional Liability Insurance

Sometimes, you can cause injuries to your clients in the course of your business by accident. Your beauty treatments can harm them in some way, thereby causing injuries. Sometimes, the treatments that you suggest can cause allergies for them. While some of them don’t make it a big issue, there are some fussy clients who can sue you for professional negligence. Apart from the financial losses that you suffer due to compensation paid should you be liable. you also have to bear the brunt of a bigger problem – loss of reputation! Therefore, ensure that you take up a professional liability insurance policy to protect yourself from these risks.

Massage Therapist Insurance

Protection against sexual harassment

As a massage therapist, you are required to touch your client physically most of the times as part of your treatment. However, these touches can sometimes be looked upon as sexual assault or harassment by the clients. In such cases, your need to have a professional liability insurance policy intact to prove to all the concerned parties that you were doing your job as a therapist and to handle all the financial and legal expenses involved in the legal suit filed by your client.

  • To seek protection for your professional equipment at the salon

  • To seek protection in case of loss of business income

  • To seek protection against loss of reputation

  • To be protected against malpractices

Massage therapist insurance policies help you to run your business professionally and smoothly. You can run your business without the pressure of being sued by your clients even due to unintentional reasons. As a therapist, your business is exposed to all kinds of risks. Therefore, ensure that you protect your business properly with the correct level of protection in the form of therapist insurance

Compare Multiple Salon Insurance Quotes in Minutes

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